the creative sauce by István Szép

For me, design is like cooking: no bland cliches, just fresh ideas and raw creativity. Please, take a bite of my latest branding and illustration projects below!

ADC.industies identity design is creating new solutions on the field of industrial automation. As a designer, my task was to create visual branding that is standing out in a crowd of grey and serious corporate logos, while still looking professional.

Grumpy Unicorn illustration

Do you need a little extra in the morning to get your magic working? A sip of coffee maybe? Me too! And yes, I love coffee. Let this be a shout out to all of you magical coffee lovers! It is your time! GET YOUR COFFEE! START YOUR MAGIC! BE A F*CKING UNICORN! (Yes, you can buy this design a the

"Farkasok" movie poster

Farkasok (Wolves) is an independent short film directed by Emese Liliom. The are no literal wolves in the movie, the story is about abuse and human nature, that is why the poster is focusing on the characters while hinting at something more sinister in the background.
You can watch the trailer here!

EliteGuru identity design

EliteGuru's aim is to help you find reliable people for all the different tasks around the home. From gardening to tutoring EliteGuru has a list of real professionals. My task was to create and identity with custom icons and a unique, elegant feel for the website that makes it stand out.

Roma Education Fund illustrations

This editorial illustration was created for the Roma Education Fund, to express their aim as an NGO in one picture. The REF promotes Roma inclusion in all aspects of the national education systems of the participating countries. My goal was to create a happy image of Roma youth from different age groups.

Orbital Drone Defense Mobile game design

Orbital Drone Defense is a simple mobile game where you have to protect the planet using a swarm of satelites. Even more, O.D.D. is my first published game! Music by David Klemencz, design and programming by István Szép

Download the game for Android free here!

About me

I'm István Szép, a graphic designer, illustrator and design teacher for more than 10 years. My aim is to create clever logos and cute illustrations for small companies. I live to inspire, to share my knowledge and to make people think and laugh! I live with my wife Erika and our cat Hamu in the hilly part of Budapest, Hungary. My wife is a designer too, so we dream and draw together every time possible.

Exploring new ways to create is what I like the most - do you need a fresh logo or an illustration? Just contact me!

Oh, and why Pesto design? I simply love to cook!